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April 20: The Complete Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Six Napoleons

The plot of this wasn’t particularly interesting. I knew that there was a gem in one of the busts from the beginning. There was quite a cute scene in which Lestrade and John started clapping at Sherlock’s brilliance and Sherlock blushed. Awwwwwwww :3 Also there was an Italian guy named Beppo who knifed someone and only had to spend a year in jail for it. I’m sorry, you attempted murder and now are once again at large after only one year? This may or may not be a problem still today, I’m not that politically involved..

April 19: Fyre ( Book Seven In the Septimus Heap Series)

Not quite to the level of Sherlock Holmes, but I got really excited when I saw this in the library. I really enjoyes the previous Septimus Heap novels. They are getting predictable though. I can already tell that the Fyre started at the beginning is going to cause a huge catastrophe. What I really like is the omniscient narration. You really start to care about all of the characters and each is extremely well developed and actually sounds like a person. I’m really happy about the previous sidekick/underdog, who is now head of his profession!

April 18: The Complete Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton

This one is about a blackmailer of noblewomen, and I quite liked it. John and Sherlock decide to put on black silk masks and go burgling for evidence. Then they hold hands reassuringly! SO cute. The other thing was that this badass women who is being blackmailed pretends to be a maid selling the blackmailer information but then takes off her veil and shoots him dead. You go, girl!

April 17: The Complete Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of Black Peter

I liked this one much better. It started with Sherlock coming home in the morning with a harpoon after stabbing pigs, which is one of the randomest scenes in the BBC version. I really like seeing what the writers did with the canon. My favorite quote from this one is: “_____  occupies too large a proportion of our carpet.” Sherlock’s insults are the best. I may start using this, not to imply that someone is fat, but if I want to tell my sister to get out of my room.

April 16: The Complete Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Priory School

So, things happened. The plot of this is ridiculously hard to follow… and I pride myself on understanding Doctor Who and BBC Sherlock. A quote:

"Holmes cold and inexorable manner showed the secretary that it was useless to argue with him"

This is very BBC Sherlock, they really did a good job of showing this in the show. He is very cold when talking to secretaries and the like, and it’s never a good idea to try and stop him as he will say something quickly that is difficult to argue with

April 15: The Complete Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Priory School

This one is a bit longer, so I’m reading it over the course of two days. The concept seemed interesting at first, but I’m gradually becoming less involved and looking for quotable or artable things. My mind is landing on the randomest of things, like Sherlock climbing on John’s shoulders. He’s such a little action man, I wonder how he’s so fit when all he seems to do is sit at home all day. Maybe he’s constantly fighting criminals but doesn’t tell John because he doesn’t want John to worry? That would be adorable, but seems unrealistic. I definitely can’t imagine Sherlock at a gym, though…

April 14: The Complete Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist

That was literally THE MOST SEXIST thing ever. This random woman is being stalked on her daily bike ride, and then she gets knocked unconscious and kidnapped and married because she’s a heiress. WHAT?? Apparently this is a common occurrence, too. Generally there is less of Sherlock’s character and more crazy stuff happening to this poor woman-person. There is all of this talk about how this guy owns her now, but then he doesn’t because the priests’ licence was revoked. YOU DON’T OWN HER ANYWAY MARRIAGE IS ABOUT PARTNERSHIP THIS IS WHY I STOPPED READING THIS A FEW YEARS AGO BECAUSE I COULDN’T HANDLE ALL OF THAT TIME’S SEXISM. Good night.

Yes, i do understand that this was in the past. Yes I do understand that we have made some improvements and some things have gotten worse. Yes I do understand that it is still like this or worse in some places. Yes, I do understand that I sound really unintelligent.

April13: Gone

I felt like reading a bit of Gone today, as it was a Saturday and the Sherlock Holmes stories are hard. The plot keeps your attention and the writing isn’t awful, but…. it’s definitely not one of my favourite books. This is possibly because the concept is distinctly unsettling. Also, I see myself in one of the main characters who can’t really do much of anything but is a smart human rights activist. And she gets forced to call her little brother a retard. Overall, I don’t like this books because it’s unsettling, unlovely, and badly written.

April 12: The Complete Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Dancing Men

I was very excited for a moment there because there was an American woman! Then she was so bold as to tackle a man! And then she got shot. The end. All of the women in all of the Sherlock Holmes stories either cry a whole lot and don’t do anything, are simply there for mens’ happiness, or do something illegal and then die/go to jail. Its very annoying and part of the reason that I didn’t like Sherlock for a long time

April 11: The Complete Sherlock Homes: The Adventure of the Norwood Builder

I generally didn’t like this one as much, it was a bit boring and the writing is just as wordy and hard to understand. I suppose it’s to be expected and is probably helping my test scores or somesuch. Sherlock starts out very bored and really wants a murder or something exciting. Poor thing. He ends up with a not particularly amazing mystery in which no one dies and the whole thing was a practical joke by an old man. Its like settling for Torchwood because there isn’t a new Doctor Who